• Xtramath Practice
    Below is a link to the website that will track and advance your child in fluency of math facts. It is quite easy to navigate. Your child came home with an introduction letter and password. Please sign up for this free math facts practice, and have your child practice building their math fluency of facts at their convenience.
    1+0=1   1+1=2   1+2=3   1+3=4   1+4=5   1+5=6   1+6=7   1+7=8   1+8=9   1+9=10   1+10=11   1+11=12   1+12=13   1+13=14   1+14=15      
     Each child has their own private password, and they should not share their password with their friends. Also, their ability levels have been set by me. Some children will be working on addition/subtraction, some will be working on addition/subtraction/multiplication, and yet, some children will be working on the latter plus division. The program advances children when they have mastered a specific level. I love this concept because it allows a child to work on their independent math level, while still feeling confident and successful!
    1x0=0   1x1=1   1x2=2   1x3=3   1x4=4   1x5=5   1x6=6   1x7=7   1x8=8   1x9=9   1x10=10   2x0=0   2x1=2   2x2=4   2x3=6   2x4=8   2x5=10   2x6=12
    Thank you for supporting your child on their math facts quest.