5th Grade Work Expectations & 10 point Grading Scale:
        A   90 - 100         B   80 - 89         C  70 -  79         D  60 - 69       F   59 & lower
    Grades will be weighted as follows:
    • Participation 10%    
    • Quizzes 25%           
    • Classwork 30%
    • Tests 35% 
    Homework information:
    • Homework will be assigned most evenings, except for Friday. Your child will have homework in reading, math, science and word study (spelling/vocabulary) for the most part. Sometimes, they may have work in Social Studies, but not as a rule. Reading each night for a minimum of 30-45 minutes is also expected. Occasionally, there will be a project, report, or special assignment. I will allow extra time for those to be completed. Homework should be a way of extending, reinforcing, and practicing what we have been learning during the day. Homework also allows me to see how well your child understands the concepts we are studying. Your child should not be spending more than 45 minutes to an hour & a half on homework nightly. If he/she is, please let me know so that I can adjust the assignments accordingly. Likewise, if your child is becoming overly frustrated with the task or concept, please let me know so that I can work with him/her the next day. Please don’t stay up all hours of the night frustrating yourself or your child. Please encourage your child to let me know when they don't understand something we are learning in class. Just write me a note if your child had extreme difficulty with an assignment, and I will excuse him/her. (I am parent too, and I have been there!) Ask them to teach you what they are learning in class! 
     Tests & Quizzes:
    •  Fridays are often Test or Quiz Day. Weekly word work will rotate between spelling and vocabulary. A Pretest will be given on Mondays the final Test on Friday. Students are expected to work with their words each night. The week's work is due each Friday morning. Math  quizzes are given to assess how well each student is learning the new material. Each Science unit will begin with a Pretest to see how much students already know about the topic. There is a final test at the end of each unit. 
    • Classwork grades are given for work that is assigned in class, with time to complete it. If your student does not complete the work in class it should be taken home and completed as homework. Work should be turned in on time - every time! 
    •  Participation grades will be given for in class activities. The grade will represent how well the student participated, followed directions, and completion of the activity and assignment. Participation grades may apply for keeping Journals in various subjects, and other required activities.