• "Drama is life with all the dull bits cut out."

    --Alfred Hitchcock, Director


     In Intermediate Theatre the students will expand upon what they learned in  Beginning Theatre.  We will build upon skills such as memorization techniques, improvisation techniques, and hopefully gain a greater insight into the concepts of creating original works for the stage.  We will read and analyze plays from many genres, and learn more about the historical aspects of theatre.  In addition to all of this, class members will take the stage for the first time to present their original work, as well as short scenes from existing texts.

    Intermediate Theatre follows Beginning Theatre and is for students who wish to continue their exploration of theatre arts. It is a more detailed study of theatre vocabulary, reading and writing of theatre literature, acting, and technical theatre. The acting experience in Theatre Arts II furthers the exploration of the concepts of self, body and voice work, improvisation, acting techniques, and reading and writing. In addition, students analyze and critique work developed by themselves or other students, as well as that generated throughout history and in various cultures. This course develops students' knowledge base, expands their understanding of theatre, and begins the application of learning in forms of theatre and theatre-related media through informal and formal productions. Students continue to add to their portfolio or collection of their work and related activities to illustrate their growing comprehension of theatre arts. (NCDPI, 2006)