• "Acting is a question of absorbing other people's personalities and adding some of our own."

    - Paul Newman, Actor

     In Theatre Arts III we will continue to add onto what we learned in Theatre Arts II by applying the use of theatre vocabulary, our knowledge of theatre literature, and refine our skills both onstage and offstage. The students will produce a series of short plays for small audiences both as performers and directors.

    Theatre Arts III follows Theatre Arts II and is for students who wish to continue to study and develop their knowledge of theatre arts on a more challenging level. This course involves the applied study of theatre vocabulary, reading and writing of theatre literature, acting, and technical theatre. Acting experience in Theatre Arts III continues and refines the exploration of the concepts of self, body and voice work, improvisation, acting techniques, and reading and writing. In addition, students begin to practice individual analysis and critiquing of student work to develop a personal understanding of theatre arts by utilizing the knowledge base gained in previous study. Theatre study at this level places a greater emphasis on the execution of skills, ensemble work, and collaboration with other student artists. Students use a wider variety of theatre literature and styles from theatre history and various cultures in forms of theatre and theatre related media through informal and formal productions. Students continue to add to their portfolio or collection of work and related activities to illustrate their growing understanding of accomplishments in theatre arts. (NCDPI 2006)