• The pathway to knowledge is paved with thoughtful, detailed, opened ended questions!

    Greetings! Welcome to my website. I am Wilma Clark, an Exceptional Children’s Resource Teacher.
    I have worked in the Winston Salem Forsyth County School
    System at
    Jefferson Elementary School
    since 2002.

    I received my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Bennett College and
    a Master of Arts in Learning Disabilities K12 from Salem College
    I am a certified Wilson Reading and Language Teacher.

    As an Exceptional Children’s Resource Teacher I instruct students with a variety of learning styles.
    Within the Resource Program students engage in and complete activities and assignments designed to develop and increase their understanding of concepts and the ability to apply taught concepts proficiently. During my years at Jefferson Elementary I have learned that the
    acquisition of knowledge is never inconsequential and a myriad of experiences are invaluable learning resources.
    My Goal for Students:

    To acknowledge and appreciate efforts needed for academic accomplishments
    To progress toward proficiency and mastery
    To become life long learners