Famous Artist Poster project

     You are to pick a famous artist of your choice. (Not Magritte) Use creative ways to incorporate drawings that pertain to the artist, some of the things they painted, what type of artwork they did, etc. You can use any medium you choose but you may not use any printed photos. Write down your sources on the back of your poster. You will need to have the following information:

     History: Tell about where the artist grew up and how he or she got to be an artist. Dates of birth and death of artist

    Art: Tell about the kind of art they produce (realism, abstract, etc.), the medium and what inspired them. 

    Time: Tell a little bit about what is going on in history during the time period they are working.

    Opinion: Give me some reasons you chose this particular artist.

    Pleasedo not plagiarize you will be written up and given a zero. Use your own words and be creative. I will count 50 points for information and 50 points for creativity and neatness

    Example of some artist pages can be found at rhsartmash.blogspot.ca click on sketchbook found on the left side of the screen and scroll down to Artist Pages.
     Please make sure your name is on the back.  You may turn these in at any time during the school year.