• Use your imagination to redesign our classroom!
    Spring 2015 Project: Redesign Our Classroom 
    • Measure the room and furniture that we can have moved.
    • Work within your teams to share ideas & to discuss options.
    • Be open to new ideas!
    • We can move: desks, tables, girls' closet, boys' closet, math cabinet, science cabinet, bookshelves, file cabinets, and carts.
    • We cannot move: electrical outlets, internet drops, Smartboard & projector, overhead lights, bulletin boards, TV, sink, bathroom, art cabinet, and large cabinet.
    • Areas needed: whole group teaching area at Smartboard, small group work areas, team desks, math center, reading & writing areas, science & social studies areas, PBIS/rules/Cool Choices charts, and computer areas.
    • We cannot block doorways (1 meter access).
    Scholastic Website
    Lakeshore Website

    Grid paper, meter sticks, and pencils needed.