• Earth and Environmental  Science                                                                                                 

    Eric R. Tippett, Instructor


    Dear Parents and Students,


    Another semester is upon us, and I know that everyone is looking forward to having a successful experience in Earth and Environmental Science. By now, final course scheduling is being completed, and everyone is getting ready to "settle in" for the year. In order for you to have the utmost success in Earth and Environmental science, I want you to be as informed as possible about my policies, rules and expectations.


    Grades in my class will be determined through quizzes, tests, homework activities, daily assignments, and laboratory exercises. The standard Forsyth County Schools grading scale will be used. I like to quiz a lot, so students should keep up with their instruction on a daily basis. Graded activities will make up the following percentages of the overall nine-weeks grade (prior to the exam, which counts 25% of their overall grade):

                    Quizzes and Lab Exercises- 50%

                    Tests- 40%

                    Homework/ Daily- 10%

    Also, bonus points are available each nine weeks through trivia questions, optional projects, etc. A student may drop his or her lowest quiz grade if he or she has "excellent" or "satisfactory" conduct.


    I don't have an incredibly long list of rules, but I expect my students to follow them at all times. They include the following:

    1.Students are to be in their seats, ready to participate, and quiet by the time the bell rings.

    2.Students are to be quiet at all times, unless given permission to speak.

    3.Students are not allowed to have any food or beverage in the classroom.

    4.Students should have all necessary materials with them when they enter the room.

    5.Students are responsible for any assignments and instruction missed due to absence. Furthermore, students returning from absences should be prepared to participate in any activity previously assigned for that day.

    6.Students are expected to practice safety in the lab at all times.


    Supply list: 

    3 ring binder with paper


    Inexpensive, simple calculator



                    I want all parents to be as informed as possible about their children's progress. Please feel free to contact me at school if you have any questions or concerns involving your child. I can be reached through the school phone at 336-703-4151. I can also be e-mailed at the following:  ertippett@wsfcs.k12.nc.us.Thank you in advance for your attention and support!         





    Eric Tippett