• 4th Quarter
    It is hard to believe we are in the fourth quarter already!  Here is what we will be doing over the next 9 weeks.
    Students will be expected to follow rules and procedures of the classroom, be responsible for completing classwork and homework, turn in assignments on time, and make positive behavior choices.  During the first and 2nd quarter, I gave several chances as students were learning the expectations.  Consequences for actions will now be implemented more swiftly.
    We will continue to practice reading strategies, skills, and endurance this quarter by reading a variety of selections.  We will also be preparing for EOGs.
    We will continue to practice problem-solving, understanding multiplication and division, reviewing graphs and learning about line plots.  We will also review previous skills and concepts learned so students can be more successful on the EOG.
    Social Studies
    We will learn about how people, events, and ideas have caused change over time within communities.  We will also learn about the cultures of a few different countries.
    We will learn about the bones and and other body systems and why they are important and how to keep them healthy.
    We will learn how to write a few forms of poetry and will review grammar rules such as pronouns, plural nouns, root words, and prefixes and suffixes.
    It is extremely important that students be prepared for what to expect on the EOG, so we will be doing tasks to help them feel more successful when taking a standardized test.  Pleae encourage your child to always use their strategies and give their best effort!  They can do it!
    Don't forget to visit my Helpful Links webpage and the ORE site to find great links to activities and games that will help students practice skills!