• Please click on the blue markers and the blue lines to learn more about parking, along with student drop off and pick up procedures. The information on the map should explain the traffic patterns and parking areas at Atkins.

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    Morning drop off procedures

    Car riders are dropped off at the main front entrance to the school. 

    Afternoon pick up procedures

    3:40- 4:30 pm: Students are to leave campus via the breezeway to the student pick up area. Students are not to be picked up in front of the school until after 4:30 pm.


    Late picks ups for Athletes, ROTC and Band Members

    Students who stay after school for sports, band or ROTC should be picked via the exit in the 100 hallway. This makes it easier for the students to be supervised by coaches, directors, and sponsors. Students can wait quietly in the 100 hallway.  


    Late pick ups for clubs, and other school sponsored activities

    Students who stay afterschool for clubs, or other school sponsored activities can be picked up in the front of the school. Students can wait quietly against the wall so they do not block the exits.


    Other Considerations

    In case of a delay, emergency, or early dismissal, car riders’ parents are to pick up their children by signing them out in the main office.