Atkins has a Standard Mode of Dress. Students are expected to be dressed in SMOD until 3:40 pm each day unless they have specific dress requirements for JROTC or Health Occupations. 
    Students who come to school not dressed in SMOD will have to go to the clothing closet to borrow SMOD (if available) to wear or wait in ISS until parents bring appropriate clothing to school.  Repeat offenders will have a disciplinary referral. Students who borrow SMOD from the clothing closet and fail to return the items will be billed for the replacement cost of those items:  $5.00 for tops and $6.00 for bottoms.
    From time to time, Atkins will have no-SMOD days.  These days usually involve the wearing of jeans with some sort of specially themed shirt or top.  On these days, the jeans may not be cargo jeans.  Jeans may not have holes or ripped areas.  They may not sag.  The tops must represent the advertised theme.  Tops may not be sheer.  They must be long enough to not expose the midriff.  They may not be sleeveless.