• School Fees
     (Note that Fees listed are for the 2012-2013 school year. This will be updated prior to the first day of school for 2013-2014.)



    A. Physical Education: Middle & High Schools that require students to wear P.E.uniforms


    B. Locks


    Lost Gym Lock


    C. Lost and damaged books, materials, supplies and equipment. Fee is based on extent of damage in accordance with state guidelines.


    D. Field Trips - Individual field trip fees equal to or less than the amounts listed below may be approved by the principal. Fees in excess of the amounts listed below must be approved by the appropriate assistant superintendent. Per student fee, high school




    A. Cleaning of Band Uniform


    B. Lost or Damaged Band Uniform (to be depreciated over 10 years)


    1. Coat


    2. Trousers


    3. Shoulder Cord


    4. Shako (Hat)


    5. Plume


    6. Sash


    7. Cummerbund


    8. Shako Box




    A. Student Accident Insurance




    School-Time without Extended Dental




    School-Time with Extended Dental




    $13.0024-hour without Extended Dental




    24-hour with Extended Dental




    Varsity Football without Extended Dental




    B. Publication Fee:

    High $50.00

    C. Automobile Registration Fee


    Motor Vehicle Parking Fee


    D. High School Athletics Admission Fees


    Football, Junior Varsity and Varsity


    Soccer and Basketball, Junior Varsity and Varsity


    Swimming, Tennis & Track

    No Charge

    All other Varsity and JV sports


    G. Cap and Gown


    1. Rental


    2. Purchase


    H. High School Transcript


    1. Current Student Request (two free copies, each additional copy)


    2. Request of Person Not Currently Enrolled in the WS/FCS


    3. Employer Verification of Graduation


    I. Replacement Diploma and Diploma Cover


    J. Driver License Eligibility Certificate (one free, each additional certificate)


    K. General Copying of Records

    $0.25 per page

    l. School Fund Raising Projects. Each school may have one school-wide fund raising project per year where items are sold for a fee to students, families and others. See Policy & Regulation 1324.1 (Revised: May 2010)