• 2016-2017
    JROTC Elkin Drill Meet
    1st Place - Overall LET 1
    1st Place - Overall Duet
    2nd Place - Overall Squad
    3rd Place - LET 1 w/o Arms
    Science Olympiad
    Winston-Salem Regional
    3rd Place - Amazing Mechatronics
    7th Place - Amazing Mechatronics
    3rd Place - Anatomy & Physiology
    2nd Place - Astronomy
    9th Place - Astronomy 
    3rd Place - Bottle Rocket 
    5th Place - Bottle Rocket
    4th Place - Chem Lab
    7th Place - Chem Lab
    1st Place - Codebusters
    8th Place - Codebusters
    4th Place - Disease Detectives
    9th Place - Disease Detectives
    5th Place - Duct Tape Challenge
    9th Place - Duct Tape Challenge
    3rd Place - Dynamic Planet
    7th Place - Dynamic Planet
    4th Place - Ecology
    7th Place - Ecology
    3rd Place - Electric Vehicle
    6th Place - Electric Vehicle
    7th Place - Forensics
    9th Place - Forensics
    1st Place - Helicopters
    6th Place - Helicopters
    1st Place - Hovercraft
    2nd Place - Hovercraft
    6th Place - Invasive Species
    7th Place - Invasive Species
    1st Place - Materials Science
    3rd Place - Materials Science
    4th Place Microbe Mission
    6th Place - Microbe Mission
    1st Place - Optics
    4th Place - Optics
    1st Place - Remote Sensing
    5th Place - Remote Sensing
    1st Place - Rocks and Minerals
    4th Place - Rocks and Minerals
    2nd Place - Towers
    8th Place - Wind Power
    10th Place - Wind Power
    4th Place - Write It, Do It 
    NCASA Quiz Bowl State Finals
    6th Place - Overall
    NCASA Quill State Finals
    5th Place - Overall 
    NCASA Art Showcase State Finals
    2nd Place - Overall
    NCASA Twelve State Finals
    2nd Place - Overall
    NCASA Dance Ensemble State Finals
    5th Place - Overall
    3rd Place - Jazz
    TSA State Finals
    1st Place - 3D Animation
    1st Place - Biotechnology Design
    1st Place - Children's Stories
    3rd Place - Debating Technological Issues
    2nd Place - Engineering Design
    1st Place - Fashion Design
    2nd Place - Flight Endurance
    2nd Place - Future Technology Teacher
    3rd Place - Photographic Technology
    3rd Place - Software Development
    2nd Place - STEM Careers
    3rd Place - STEM Careers
    1st Place - Technology Bowl
    NCASA Scholastic Cup Champion
    (1A Small School Division)
    Principal of the Year
    Scholastic Director of the Year 
    Science Olympiad
    State Finals
    8th Place - Remote Sensing
    3rd Place - Ecology
    3rd Place - Stuck on Science
    6th Place - Stuck on Science 
    NCASA Art Showcase Central Regional
    2nd Place - Overall
    NCASA Twelve Team Central Regional
    2nd Place - Overall
    3rd Place - Overall
    Twelve Team
    State Champion Runner Up
    Science Bowl
    4th Place at State Level
     Academic Team
    Conference Champions
    Tournament Champions
    1st Place - Science
    1st Place - Math
    1st Place - Social Studies
    1st Place - General Knowledge 
    Best Horn Player in North Carolina
    9th Best Flute Player in North Carolina
    Western Regional Comprehensive Math Competition
    1st Place - 1A/2A Division 
    Concert Choir
    MPA Superior Rating 
    State Championship Runner-Up
    State Champion - 100m Breaststroke 
    TSA Western Regionals
    1st Place - 3D Animation
    1st Place - Architectural Design
       3rd Place - Biotechnology Design
    2nd Place - Coding
    1st Place - CAD 2D
    2nd Place - Computer Integrated Manufacturing
    1st Place - Engineering Design
    1st Place - Fashion Design & Technology
    3rd Place - Flight Endurance
    2nd Place - Photographic Technology
    2nd Place - Prepared Presentation
    3rd Place - Prepared Presentation
    1st Place - Future Tech Teacher
    2nd Place - STEM Careers
    1st Place - Structural Design and Engineering
    3rd Place - Technology Bowl
    2nd Place - Technology Bowl Written
    3rd Place - Technology Problem Solving
    2nd Place - Video Game Design
    1st Place - Webmaster
    NC EconChallenge State Finals
    3rd Place - Overall
    HOSA State Finals
    1st Place - Nursing
    1st Place - Debate
    3rd Place - Forensics
    3rd Place - Parliamentary Procedure
    NC State Champion Team (U1600)
    Individual State Champion (U1600)
    2nd Place Player (U1600)
    3rd Place Player (U1600)
    National Champion Runner-Up Team (U800)
    10th Team in Nation (U1600)
    6th Best Player in Nation (U1600) 
    Earth Day Environmental Debate
    1st Place Team
    Outdoor Track
    State Individual Champion - 800m
    State Champion Team - 4 x 800m Relay
    State Champion Team - 4 x 400m Relay

Last Modified on June 4, 2017