• 2013-2014
    State Finals
    3rd Place - Team Award
     Western Regional Finals
    1st Place - Team Award
    State Finals
    2nd Place - Team Award
    1st Place - Argumentation
    5th Place - Creative Writing
    3rd Place - Problem Solution 
    NC Scholastic State
    Chess Championship 
    3rd Place in State
    WS/FCS Academic Team
    2nd Place in District 
    1st Place - Southern Division
    1st Place - Math - Southern Division
    Art Showcase
    Western North Carolina Regionals
    3rd Place - Photography
    4th Place - Drawing
    2nd Place - Collage
    4th Place - Mixed Media 
    4th Place Overall 
    Art Showcase
    State Finals 
    5th Place in State
    2nd Place - Photography
    2nd Place - Printmaking
    2nd Place - Computer Generated 
    Quiz Bowl Varsity Team 
    2nd Place - Triad Regional 
    Quiz Bowl Junior Varsity Team 
    1st Place - Triad Regional 
    Quiz Bowl Varsity Team
    State Finals 
    6th Place in State
    NC Math Contest - WSSU Regional 
    1st Place Team - Level 2
    1st Place Individual - Level 2 
    WS/FCS Poet Laureate
    3rd Place in District 
    JROTC Junior Leadership Academic Bowl
    Level 3 National Finalist 
    JROTC Legion of Valor 
     1 National Winner
    JROTC Junior Cadet Leadership Challenge 
     1st Place -  Honor Cadet Recipient
    1st Place - Rifleman Award Recipient
    1st Place - Physical Award Recipient
    Alternative Fuels Club

    1st Place Fuel efficiency 

    2nd Place Methanol Team A

    2nd Place Methanol Team B

    Most Innovative Safety Feature


    NCASA Scholastic Cup
    State Finals
    2nd Place High School
    Magnet Schools of America
    Magnet School of Excellence Award
    Region 5 Science Fair
    1st Place - High School Biology B 
    NC Science, Math, & Technology
    Education Center
    K-16 Administrator of the Year Award
    Technology Student Association
    Regional Winners
    1st Place - Digital Video Production
    1st Place - Flight Endurance
    1st Place - Digital Video Production
    1st Place - Prepared Presentation
    2nd Place - Future Technology Teacher
    3rd Place - Fashion Design
    3rd Place - Digital Video Production
    Technology Student Association
    State Winners
    3rd Place Team
    1st Place - Essays on Technology
    1st & 2nd Place - Digital Video Production
    1st Place - Technology Problem Solving
    3rd Place - Chapter Team
    3rd Place - Music Production
    3rd Place - Open Source Software Development
    3rd Place - Prepared Presentation
     3rd Place - On-Demand Video
    Technology Student Association
    National Winner
    1st Place - Essays on Technology
    Science Olympiad
    1st Place Team Overall
    1st Place - Chem Lab
    1st Place - Circuit Lab
    1st Place - Designer Genes
    1st Place - Disease Detective
    1st Place -  Entomology
    1st Place -  Forensics
    1st Place -  Geologic
    1st Place - Mystery Architecture
    2nd Place - Bottle Rocket
    2nd Place -  Rocks and Minerals
    3rd Place - Anatomy & Physiology
    3rd Place -  Astronomy
    3rd Place -  Dynamic Planet
    3rd Place -  Green Generation
    3rd Place -  Scrambler
    3rd Place -  Water Quality
     4th Place - Compound Machines
    4th Place - Material Science
    4th Place - Mission Possible
    6th Place - Experimental Design
    7th Place - Boomilever
    9th Place - WIDI
    Science Olympiad
    State Finals

    Circuit Lab - 4th

    Entomology - 6th

    Geologic - 2nd

    Material Science - 2nd 

    JROTC Raider Competition
    Best of the Best Finalist 
    JROTC Rifle Team
     Overall 3rd Place District Winner
    3rd Place - Kneeling Position
    2nd Place - Prone Position
    3rd Place - Standing Position
     JROTC Drill Team
    1st Place - Exhibition Drill without Arms
    2nd Place - Precision Squad without Arms
    3rd Place - Regulation LET 1 Squad w/o Arms 
    1st Place - Regulation Individual with Arms
    1st Place - Precision Duet with Arms
    2nd Place - Inspection

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