• The EOG is quickly approaching.  We are still learning and reviewing everything in the classroom to prepare for this on June 1st and 2nd.  If you would also like to do some review or help get your child prepared, here are some strategies that may help you.
    1. Make sure your child gets a good nights rest.
    2. Make sure they have some type of breakfast in the morning.
    3. Please try not to worry, upset them, or get them scared of the EOG.  They can do it.
    4. Talk them about trying their best, using strategies, and taking their time to complete the test.
    5. And here is a livebinder that has a lot of info about EOG review with sample questions.  Some pages you will have to scroll down on to find the questions, but there is a lot of practice items on it.  I have shown the kids the site, so they should be able to use it. Also, you will see a lot of stuff from other states.  That is ok!  We all have common core and are teaching the same Math and English/Language Arts.