• Teacher Names


    Tayshondlyn Huntley

    Dallas McElroy




  • Fourth Grade Expectations

    Our fourth grade team expects each student at Ibraham Elementary to:

    * Work independently and collaborate with peers from diverse backgrounds

    * Maintain a positive attitude

    * Have respect for self and others

    * Set individual goals

    * Persevere

    * Stay organized and be prepared for each academic day

    * Use time wisely

    * Identify areas of challenge and seek additional support from his/ her teacher

    * Show academic and social growth throughout the school year

  • Below is an overview of what your child can expect to learn in fourth grade:


    * Genres (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama)

    * Story Elements

    * Text Structure

    * Inference

    * Compare/Contrast

    * Text Features

    * Reading Comprehension


    * Grammar

    * Figurative Language

    * Narrative, Research, Expository, and Persuasive Writing


    * Place Value

    * Addition/Subtraction

    * Operations and Problems

    * Factors, Prime, and Composite

    * Multiplication

    * Measurement (Metric/Customary)

    * Division

    * Problem Solving

    * Fractions

    * Geometry

    * Decimals

    * Angles


    * Nutrition

    * Ecosystems

    * Earth in the Universe

    * Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Landslides, Mudslides, Erosion, and Weathering

    * Fossils

    * Rocks and Minerals

    * Magnetism

    * Electricity

    * Energy Conservation

    * Forces and Motion

    * Matter and Properties

    Social Studies:

    * Exploration and Colonization

    * Migration and Settlement Patterns

    * Constitution and Government

    * Growth and Development

    * Symbolism

    * Personal Financial Literac

  • Fourth Grade Supply List

    • 1 box washable markers OR colored pencils
    • 4 highlighters (different colors)
    • 2 packs of pencils
    • 1 pencil pouch with zipper
    • 2 wide-ruled composition books
    • 2 solid-colored pocket folders
    • 2 packs wide-ruled paper
    • 1 book bag with no wheels
    • 1 set of earbuds/headphones for   personalized learning
    • 2 boxes of tissues
    • 1 hand sanitizer
  •  Wonders Reading Program Online Access Directions:

    1. Students log-on to canvas.

    2. Students click on McGraw-Hill red icon

    3. Students will see book appear and they click Launch

    4. Students touch cursor onto the highlighted part/top class name that is outlined.

    5. Students will then see their dashboard for Wonders. 

    *The icon in the far left (green, says TO DO) is where assignments will be.

    *The red icon with the cube and “W” have the week’s vocabulary.

    *The purple icon with the pencil and paper is for writing work.

    *The orange icon with the game controller stores the weekly games.

    *The blue icon with the red book is where all weekly text readings are stored.


Last Modified on November 20, 2023