• Summer Enrichment Activities
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    5 Ways to Make the Most of Summer Reading -  Beth Zemble's blog post describing five ways to get maximum benefits from summer reading

    Sizzling Summer Learning Ideas with netTrekker Search

    Keep the fire for learning blazing and blast boredom during summer break with content that makes skill building fun! 

    Give some of these summer ideas a try!

    • Summer Reading
    • Find Cool Outdoor Experiments to Try at Home
    • Learning Games
    • Virtual Trips to Museums and Famous Places
    • Curate Current Events Information
    • Use Images with "My Summer Experience" Writing Projects
    • Follow Summer Sports (while incorporating math and literacy skills!)
    • Share Resources with Parents that Focus on Gaps from the School Year

    Social Studies Activities:
    Topic: Wonderful Washington (D.C.)
    Game: Short Answer - Wheel of Fame 
    Topic: 4th Grade Civics
    Game: List - Classroom Feud
    SurfnetKids - Geography, Social Studies activities

    Science Activities:
    Topic: Earth Science
    Game: Short Answer - Wheel of Fame
    Topic: Heat
    Format: Multiple Choice - G-Cubed
    Topic:  Solve the Earth Science Riddle
    Game: Short Answer/Fill In Blank -Wheel of Fame
    SurfnetKids - Science activities
    PBS LearningMedia - 30,000+ digital resources from 130+ trusted media partners including WGBH, the Jim Henson Company, NASA, and Annenberg Learner. Search, save, and share your favorite resources with a free login.
    Math Activities:
    Topic: Math Number Sense - How Many Zeros do You Need?
    Format: True / False - Case Chase
    LearnZillion Math lessons and resources
    SurfnetKids - Math activities