• Need books for summer reading?

    Need to get some spring cleaning done?

    Clean out the books you don’t read anymore and join in on our very first Caleb’s Creek book swap! Get ready for summer reading, clean out your bookshelves at home and bring any books you do not want to the library.


    Bring in your GENTLY used books that are appropriate for the elementary age level and get a coupon for the number of books you bring, up to 10 chapter books and/or 10 picture books. Then, use your coupon to “shop” for new-to-you books from the books others turned in. If you bring in chapter books, you can choose chapter books. If you bring in picture books, you can choose from the picture books. (Nonfiction books will be categorized as either a chapter book or picture book depending on the length and reading level.) You can bring as many as you want, but will only get a coupon for up to 10 chapter books and 10 picture books. Any books left over after the swap will be given to students who don’t have a book to swap or for teachers’ class libraries.


    Please do not bring to swap:  pre-k books, books for ages older than elementary, worn out books, magazines, workbooks or coloring books.


    Bring in books date TBA, and “shop” on either date TBA. We will get a schedule out to teachers as the time gets closer. See Mrs. DuBois if you have any questions!


    Ø      TBA - Bring your gently used books to Mrs. DuBois. We will give you a coupon to “shop” with later.

    Ø      TBA -  “Shop” for new-to-you books


    Thank you and happy swapping!