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    My name is Mrs. Brooks, and I teach IB Ecosystems and Societies at Parkland Magnet High School.  I am focused on one thing - education.  Education is the process by which we achieve our goals.  We establish objectives along the way to assure the success of the process.  All of us play critical roles.

    My objective in this class is to establish and maintain an environment that is conducive to learning.  Students and I will contribute to this environment through our work.  We welcome contributions from anyone else who has an interest in what we do.  Students will demonstrate improvement through acceptable evaluative measures such as tests, quizzes, assignments, and classroom activities.

    This website will outline how this process will occur in this class.  This website addresses issues pertaining to grading, discipline, and course curriculum.  It is the responsibility of every student in these classes to know and understand the material covered in this website. 

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    Expected Behavior
    All policies of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools and Parkland High school remain in full effect at all times.

    Discipline is active and ongoing.  It is not the result of bad behavior.  It is a personal choice to take responsibility for one's own actions every day.  Positive discipline is defined by expectations.  I have four expectations of the students in my classes.  Most folks would call these expectations rules.  My four rules are:

    * Each student will arrive ready to learn each day
    * Each student will respect every other student and the teacher
    * Each student will be safe at all times
    * Each student will be actively involved in this class daily
    * Each Student will follow the PHS Honor Code at all times

    These expectations are intentionally very broad in nature.  I do not wish to burden the students with a lot of Do's and Don'ts.  I also believe every student has the ability to conduct him or herself in a disciplined manner and so I expect them to do so.  Having said that, I offer the following as a bit of clarification of the expectations.

    Students will attend class every day, and will be on time to every class.  A student is tardy if he/she is not in the room when the tardy bell finishes ringing.  If the teacher then has to remind a student to go to his/her seat, then the student will be marked tardy. Students will keep up with all material presented in class and in the book.  All assignments will be completed and turned in on time. Students must have their books, paper, and a pencil or pen.  Students should be aware and alert in class.  Please note the inclusion of the words "each day"; this expectation is always in effect

    Students will talk only when appropriate, and speak in a conversational voice.  Students are expected to raise their hand if they have something to contribute to the class and wait until the teacher has recognized them before speaking during class discussions.  Students will only discuss issues that pertain to the class and use acceptable language.  Note that it will always be inappropriate for a student to talk when the teacher is addressing the entire class.  Likewise, it will always be inappropriate for a student to talk while any student is working on an exam, test, or quiz.  Students will treat others as they want to be treated themselves.  There will be times when more than one student is talking at once, and this is acceptable at certain times.  These times include certain class activities such as group work or class games or during experiments.  I will be the sole authority in deciding when the noise in the class has exceeded an acceptable level.

    This is a science class.  As such, students may from time to time be exposed to substances and/or procedures that pose some risk.  We all must adhere to a higher level of safety measures than might be in place in other classes.  Students will not eat or drink anything during class time; this includes chewing gum.  We will wear safety glasses, aprons, and other protective clothing when appropriate.  Students will wash their hands frequently when they handle anything in class.  Work areas will be kept neat, clean, and sanitized.

    Success in this class primarily depends on students keeping up with material as it is presented in class. Occasionally, certain class activities will allow students some independence in choosing how to use their time.  At all times students must remain actively involved in class.  Students must use class time to work on issues that are pertinent to this class only.  It is the student's responsibility to keep up.  Wandering around the room, "visiting others", excessive talking, sleeping, profanity, disruptive behavior, and disrespect are examples of behavior that is always unacceptable.  Students should stay in their seats until the final bell rings.  Chairs should be pushed under the desks (4th period put them up on the desks) and then students exit the room calmly. 


    Obviously students may choose to conduct themselves in any manner.  I expect that students will choose to conduct themselves in the well-disciplined manner described above.  Either choice brings certain consequences.  Choosing to be well disciplined respects the educational process.  Everyone is given the chance to participate and learn.  The consequences of good discipline include gaining the respect of one's peers, faculty, parents, and others.  The ultimate consequence is a good grade.  These consequences are rewards in and of themselves.

    If students choose to conduct themselves in a manner that is outside that which is described above, there will also be consequences.  Consequences for ill disciplined behavior may include any of the following:

    * Simply asking a student to refrain from the unacceptable behavior
    * Verbal reprimand with warning of more severe sanctions
    * I may seek the counsel and/or assistance of parents and/or guardian
    * Assignment to after school detention
    * Written reprimand
    * Recommendation for assignment to ISS
    * Recommendation for suspension from after school activities
    * Recommendation for out of school suspension
    * Recommendation of suspension or revocation of parking privileges
    I will take into consideration any aggravating or mitigating circumstances.  Severity and nature of the unacceptable behavior will also be considered.

    If a student is assigned after school detention this is what the student may expect.  The student will serve detention in room 510 unless I approve other arrangements.  Schoolwork will not be used as a form of punishment. Detention time will not be used for homework, reading, to make up class work, or other such activities.  Students in detention will complete school service projects such as cleaning glassware, setting up book shelves, helping inventory and organize supplies, thoroughly cleaning chairs and tables, or other such activities as may be needed.  Refusal to complete an assigned project will have the same effect as not attending detention.  After school detention begins promptly at 3:40pm and will last for 1 hour.  Detention must be completed on the next available Tuesday or Thursday after the infraction occurs.

     Caution Sign
    Bee on Flower   What is IB Environmental Systems?
    IB Environmental Systems aims to provide students with a good scientific perspective on the environment.  The course allows students to understand their relationship with the environment and the significance of chances and decisions they make in their own lives.
    The subject is for those who have a real interest in contemporary environmental issues.  Environmental Systems connects the fields of Biology, Geography, Chemistry and Physics by covering aspects of climate, ecology, pollution, and land management.  Field work and practical activities are an integral part of the course, and allow the students to develop their understanding and skills.
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    How will work be graded?
    Assessment will be made up of 3 examinations and a portfolio of assessed work which will be completed throughout the year.

    Paper 1:  Multiple choice questions of short one or two stage problems (CORE)

    Paper 2: There are 2 sections
    * Data-based question where students must analyze data given
    * 1 longer answer question (from choice of 3) - CORE only

    Paper 3: Students will answer several short answer questions on the 2 options studied.


    Grading Scale
    Graded areas will be weighted as follows:

    * Participation = 40% of your total grade
    * Internal Assessment = 60% 

    Complete rubrics or scoring guides will be given to students so that they may better understand some of these grading areas.

     Jenny Lake Syllabus


    Semester 1 - What is in Nature?

    Systems and Models
    5 hours
    31 hours
    Human population, carrying capacity and resource use
    39 hours


    Semester 2 - What are the issues?

    Conservation and Biodiversity
    15 hours
    Pollution management  

    18 hours

    Global Warming
    6 hours
    Environmental Value Systems

    6 hours


    Class Materials
    Textbook IB Environmental Systems by Lorne Young - Each student will be assigned their own workbook and must have it at each class.
    Students must provide the following:

    Graph Composition Book Each student will need this book to keep all graded lab work. 
    A 3 ring binder that serves as the students Science Log (no other type of notebook, folder, or binder is acceptable) Students are expected to keep their logs up to date.  You will need these to study for you exam. 
    Pens, pencils, and paper as needed for classwork and activities - paper must be white and pens may only be black or indigo blue ink.  No written work will be accepted for a grade that is on colored paper or done in some colored felt tip or gel pen.
    Students may wish to provide for their own use a calculator, a metric ruler, some colored markers or pencils, and a pair of scissors (school scissors aren't too great)

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     We have a lot of work to get done in this class.  Keep yourself focused and attentive and we will have a successful year.  Good luck.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  I will available after school on Tuesday's and Thursday's from 3:30 - 4:30pm and other times by appointment.

     All photographs copyright Andi Brooks