•  Fighting

     A student shall not assault, hit, kick, punch, fight, intentionally harm or threaten to harm another person. A student shall not incite or instigate a fight.  A student commits this offense by actively urging or directing others to take part in the fight or by causing or instigating the fight to occur. Students committing this offense will be disciplined in the same manner as those students actually engaging in the fight.

    A student should avoid a fight by walking away from a threatened conflict and/or reporting the other student’s threats to a teacher or administrator. A student may, in a defensive manner, restrain the other student or block punches, kicks etc. but if the student retaliates by kicking, hitting, striking, etc. the other student, that action is considered fighting.

    An affray is a fight between more than two people which causes a large public disturbance. Examples of an affray are fights involving multiple students in the school cafeteria or at an athletic event. A person who commits an affray may be guilty of a misdemeanor.