• bus  I Think I Can . . . I Know I Can !
    I can write my name and spell it !
      I can tie my shoes !
        I can count 10 objects !
          I can recognize my ABC's !  (in and out of order) 
            I can say my address !  
              I know my parent's first and last names !
                 I know my phone # and cell phone #. :) 
                    I know SFES is the home of the brave eagles
                           and SFES school colors are blue and green.  
                                                                                Aren't you proud of me!
    Please contact us:
    if you have any concerns or questions. Thanks!
    Rhonda Lynn Byerly, rlbyerly@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    Kindergarten Teacher
    Sherwood Forest Elementary School
    Yorkshire Road, Winston Salem NC 27106
    (336) 774-4646