• Free and Fun Ways to Make Your Summer Meaningful 

    o      Go to the library and join the summer reading program

    o      Read

    o      Take a walk in Old Salem in the evenings

    o      Ride your bike on the trails in the parks

    o      Go to the summer band concerts in Old Salem

    o      Read

    o      Walk through the gardens & grounds at Reynolda House

    o      Plant a garden

    o      Visit an older friend, drink lemonade & learn about his or her life

    o      Go on a picnic for breakfast

    o      Read

    o      Write a letter to a grandparent

    o      Volunteer to help at a community center

    o      Clean out your room and donate the things to help others

    o      Read

    o      Play with your younger siblings

    o      Make a lemonade stand

    o      Take a hike

    o      Read about a child from another country

    o      Create your own special spot outside

    o      Read

    o      Turn off the video games and go outside!  :0)