• Summer Activites
    Have a great summer!
    I can't believe summer is here already!!
    Here is a list of things to do to keep learning over the summer.
    1.  Go to the public library.  Library cards are free and they have many summer programs.
    2.  Plant a garden.  Use a square in your yard or plant in containers.  Make a garden journal and document your progress.  You will learn about what plants need to grow and produce some food at the same time!
    3.  Try some new recipes.  Make a list of ingredients and shop for the things you need.  Then practice following directions by following the directions.  Then enjoy eating your creation!
    4.  Make a list of all the animals you see in your neighborhood.  Use your describing words to write about each one.  Illustrate your description.  Put them together and then you will have a book!
    Use your creativity and keep on learning!  Have a great summer!!