• Summer Sizzlers for June, July, and August
    I.  Science Trivia Questions:
    Everything living thing on our planet reproduces offspring (babies). How many animal "Baby names" can you correctly name? Look at the items below and see how many "baby names" you know.  The first one is done for you.
    1. A cat is a kitten.
    2. A bear is a ___________.
    3. A beaver is a _________.
    4. A bird is a ___________.
    5. A chicken is a ________.
    6. A cow is a ___________.
    7. A deer is a ___________.
    8. An eel is a(n) _________.
    9. A hare is a ___________.
    10. A turkey is a __________.
    11. A giraffe is a __________.
    12. A shark is a ___________.
    13. A swan is a ___________.
    14. A whale is a __________.
    15. A horse is a __________.

    II.  Who Eats What or Whom?

    1. If an animal eats animal flesh or meat, it is a _______vore. (ex. lions)
    2. If an animal eats plants, it is a(n) ______vore. (cows)
    3. Both animal and plant eaters are called ________vores. (humans)
    4. Animals that hunt other animals for food are called ___________. (eagles)
    5. Animals that each dead animals are called ____________. (vultures)

    III.  Science of the North Carolina Coast

    1. What is a watershed?
    2. How many river basins are in North Carolina?
    3. In what river basin do you live?
    4. What is the name of the 2nd largest sound in the United States?
    5. What is the term describes freshwater mixed with salt water?
    6. What term describes the North Carolina islands?
    7. How many lighthouses does North Carolina have?
    8. What is the "nickname" of a famous North Carolina legend named Edward Teach?
    9. What is a maritime forest? 
    10. What types of food sources can be found in an estuary?
    IV. Sizzling Science Places to Visit
    A.  SciWorks
    400 W Hanes Mill Rd  Winston-Salem, NC 27015
    (336) 767-6730
    B. Sci-quarium in Greensboro
    4301 Lawndale Dr  Greensboro, NC 27455
    (336) 288-3769
    C.  Asheboro Zoo
    4401 Zoo Pkwy  Asheboro, NC 27205
    (336) 879-7000C.  Asheboro Zoo