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    What is the Global Schools Network?

    Global Schools Network, or GSN, is an education and economic development initiative, begun in NC, and coordinated by VIF International Education.   It began with cooperation and support from U.S. Department of State and North Carolina's State Board of Education, Departments of Public Instruction and Commerce, and the N.C. Business Committee for Education.  Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools is a founding member of the GSN.

    It is a partnership of schools and organizations with the goal of providing our students with the skills they need for a “flat world” in which they will compete with and work with people from all over the globe.  The objective is to help prepare students with the Future Ready and 21st century skills needed for a global economy, regardless of an intended career or occupation.

    At the elementary level, schools can choose to participate in Global Gateway or Passport programs. In a Global Gateway program, professional development is provided for the teachers on one or more grade levels, along with administrators, to help them look at their core curriculum with an international focus, planning lessons that integrate knowledge of other countries and cultures with the regular curriculum.  This is much more than “flags and fiestas”, which are the easy things to see in a culture.  Culture is about products, practices, and perspectives, all of which can be influenced by history and geography.  Global Gateway programs help teachers integrate this knowledge naturally with other content so that students learn to view the world not only from our own local perspective, but from other perspectives as well.  Typically a Global Gateway grade level will focus on a particular continent for integration in the core curriculum.  A Passport program is one in which all grade levels in a school participate in the Global Gateway professional development and curriculum integration.

    Smith Farm Elementary has a Passport program as a part of its global studies theme.  More information about Smith Farm Elementary can be found in the parent information event PowerPoint presentations regarding the school's theme and assignment process and the building plan.