• We will continue to implement the new Common Core Standards this school year.  It makes it easier for students to transition from one school to another anywhere in the state.  It also explains clearly to teachers, parents, and students what needs to be taught and learned.
    Our reading program is called Imagine It!  It is a phonics based program that we have seen much success with since we began using it.  The following item are some of what we will be focusing on in first grade.
    • Letter recognition
    • Sounds
    • comprehension
    • retelling a story


    Imagine It! is not only a reading program but a writing program as well.  The following items will be some of our focus.
    • complete sentences
    • lists


    • counting with one to one correspondence
    • geometric shapes
    • calendar
    • combinations of ten


    • seasons
    • living/nonliving
    • the moon and the sun

    Social Studies

    • rules
    • being part of a community