•  Summer Reading Prompts

     It is extremely important to keep your children reading over the summer! Check out the local library for some great books! 
     After reading, have your children write answers to the following questions:
    • Summarize the story with beginning, the middle, and the end.
    • How does the character feel at first in the story? How does the character feel later in the story? Use a detail from the story in your answer.
    • Explain why the author wrote the book. Use at least two key details to support your answer.
    • Summarize the story and explain the lesson it teaches.
    • Explain why __________(place) is important to the story.

    Check back throughout the school year for weekly math videos to help your student with their math homework.

    Video 1- Showing a Number in Different Ways (English) 
     Video 2- Adding with Re-grouping
     Video 3- Subtracting
    Video 4- Subtraction Algorithm (The Old School Way)
    Video 5-Subtracting Using a Number Line
Last Modified on May 13, 2014