• High School Supply List


    • Packs of #2 pencils
    • Pack of 10 blue pens
    • Pack of 10 black pens
    • Pack of 10 red pens
    • Pack of colored pencils
    • Highlighters
    • 3" 3-ring notebook
    • Spiral/composition notebooks
    • Pack of dividers for 3-ring notebook
    • Packs of loose leaf notebook paper
    • Packs of graph paper
    • Pocket folders
    • Ruler
    • Metric ruler
    • Pair of gym shorts, gym shirt, and athletic shoes for physical education
    • Book bag (no wheels)
    • English dictionary
    • Foreign language dictionary (specific to the foreign language being taken)
    • Package of rewritable CDs
    • Flash (thumb/jump) drive
    • Handheld pencil sharpener

    Calculators: Calculators are available at every school for use during the school day. Should a student want to buy a calculator to use at home, we recommend:

    Algebra I, Integrated Math I-IV, Geometry, Algebra II, and higher level Math Courses.

    ·         TI-83+

    ·         TI-84+ Family of Graphing Calculators (or the TI-Nspire)


    Career Center Courses: several of the courses at the Career Center are specialized and require specific equipment. For a list of Career Center supplies, please visit the Career Center's website.