• Mt. Tabor Deutschklub
    Jetzt geht's los! 
    I put this together to give the club some ideas; of course, I want to do what the students want as well....... 
    Meeting days/times:   8:00 am, Wednesday "B" days, in Room 401 (although that might change soon; I'll keep you posted!)
    Inaugural meeting: 
    Meeting date: 9/6/14
    Our first meeting was today! Congratulations to the 2014-15 officers:
    President:                                  Madison Benfield    (Anneliese)
    Vice-President:              Austin Fleming         (Bruno)
    Secretary:                      Carson Patella        (Dirk) 
    Treasurer:                             Jack Ryan                  (Gustav)
    Chief Biscuit Dunker:     Tallie Sugg               (Petra)                  
    We discussed the following ideas, among others, for the upcoming year:
    • visiting the Oktoberfest. Last year, only 1 Tabor student went, compared to 8 from West, and 4 from Paisley. Will you stand for this? :)
    • a series of friendly competitions with the other language clubs throughout the year. 
    • participating in more school events.
    • a Christmas party with the other languages where each language shows some of how their respective cultures celebrate Christmas (we wouldn't be a German club if we didn't show a little about Krampus!)
    • making a club logo and t-shirt
    • school visits! We need to visit the middle schools which send the most students to Tabor and talk to them about taking German. Many kids know little about German, why they should learn it, or even if it is taught at Tabor. We need to change that!
    • Karneval! Germans work hard and play hard. We have to follow suit.
    • eating at a German restaurant. It's a good time.
     Our next meeting will be Wednesday, Sept. 10th, at 8:00 am. We may meet in Room 401 again, but I might be in a different classroom. I will keep you posted. Madison has volunteered to talk with the other language club sponsors about the friendly competitions, and Carson has volunteered to make flyers for the club meetings. Tallie also volunteered to talk to the Anime Club for input with the logo. Thank you all, and thank all who attended and helped. We have a lot planned for this year, and I'm glad we have such a quality group.
    More to come......