School is like everything else, the more work students put into it, the better they will do.   Just as they practice football, dance, piano etc...., they need to practice the concepts they learn in school.
    To provide this practice, homework is usually assigned daily, Monday through Thursday. I assign work that reinforces class discussion and daily lessons. Homework assignments will be posted on the class Haiku calendar each day. Assignments will also be posted on my school webpage each day. However, during second quarter that webpage will be discontinued and all information will be found on Haiku. 
    As a class, we go over and discuss the homework. We correct it, and the students have the opportunity to ask questions.  To benefit from these discussions in class, the students should complete their assigned work.  
     Assignments will be graded as follows, and will count as class participation: 
            Complete, mostly accurate, assignments with ALL WORK SHOWN will earn 100% 
              Complete assignments, with quite a few mistakes, but ALL WORK SHOWN, will earn 85%
              Assignments turned in with no work shown, or not corrected with us will earn 75%
               Incomplete assignments will earn 50%
              Assignments not turned in will earn 0%
    It is fine for parents to help with homework.  However, it is still the student's responsibility to complete the assignments. I do want to know if a student struggles on the homework, so I can better help him or her in class.
    If there is a legitimate reason for a missed assignment, or if your child is struggling and can't finish the work in a reasonable amount of time, please send in a note written by a parent that explains the situation. I will gladly work with your child on the concepts more in class.
    Homework is a very useful learning tool in my classroom.  I encourage the students to take it seriously, and to try to benefit from the practice it provides. I tell the students, that I do not assign that much homework, but what I do assign, I expect them to do well.