• Required Supplies for all Samurai

    • Two 1 ½ or 2" three ring binders (one for morning classes,one for afternoon classes) Different colors can help keep students organized!

      - If a student would like to have only one binder it needs to be 2 " and must have dividers

    • Loose leaf paper for each binder (this will have to be replaced through out the year)
    •  1 pencil pouch
    •  3 Pocket Folder (no need for pongs) (Core Class Homework Folder, Math and LA) 


    Required Supplies for Math

    Grading pens
    ***Composition or Spiral Notebook (student preference) 
    2 packs of Glue sticks (will need to be replaced during the year)
    Colored pencils
    AGENDA (this will be provided for students)
    Dry erase markers (will need to be replaced during the year)
    TI-34 MultiView --- Calculator (same as 6th grade)
    Graph Paper (one pack)