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      As the school counselor along with my other duties, I may see students on an individual or small group basis. I also consult with teachers, parents and community agencies to help students. The following is a list of topics for which a student or parent may need to visit a school counselor:

    ·        Friendships

    ·        Sibling concerns

    ·        Bullying

    ·        Coping skills

    ·        Managing stress and worries

    ·        Problems completing homework

    ·        Divorce or separation                   

    ·        Dealing with feelings

    ·        A new baby in the family

    ·        Death of a pet, friend, or family member

    ·        Career exploration

    ·        Study/testing skills

    ·        Test stress

    ·        Anger management

    ·        Sadness

Last Modified on September 21, 2016