Our "Secret Weapons"!!!
    When readers come to tricky words, they can use our SECRET WEAPONS to help figure out the word.  Listed below are the 6 Secret Weapons:
    Secret Weapon #1    
    Browse Before You Read!

    Take a browse through the book before reading.  Look at the pictures, see how the print looks, are there any maps or charts, get a feel for the content before reading!
    Secret Weapon #2
    Look at the Picture!
    When you come to a tricky word, look at the beginning sound of the word and then look at the picture to see if there are any picture clues that start with the same sound to help figure out that tricky word!
    Secret Weapon #3    
    Go Back and Re-read!
    When you come to a tricky word, go back to the beginning of the sentence and re-read it, saying the beginning sound of the tricky word when you come to it.  When you do, sometimes the word just pops out!
    Secret Weapon #4 
    Look for Chunks!
     Look for chunks you may know in the tricky word that can help you figure it out;  chunks like an, or, un, it, on, up, ag, et, in, ch, th, ing, etc and remember to look for more than 1 chunk!
    Secret Weapon #5
    Read __________Read! 
    When you come to a tricky word, read the whole sentence, leaving out that word.  Then go back and re-read to fill in the blank!
    Secret Weapon #6
    Does your reading make sense? 
    Does the word look right, sound right, make sense in the story?  If so, YAY!  You figured out your tricky word!