• We have a new club at Southwest called Kids For Kindness.  The members of this club encourage kind acts throughout the school.  They look for acts of kindness performed by other students.  Our 2014-2015 Kids for Kindness are: 5th grade/Ashleigh Larson, Shelby McChesney, Dalia Fernandez Ocampo: 4th grade/Anthony Slater, Kelly Lee, Gabrielle Stevenson, Payton Collette, Estevan Garcia-Toledo: 3rd grade/Sarah Grace Thomason, Mary Wallace Sutton, Sydney Konkler, Lucas Isaman, Kali Hope, Jayden Horton, Christian Nesbitt .
     On Saturday, 10/4 the Kids for Kindness had a table at an event sponsored by Jurassic Jungle the Clemmons Civic Center.  There we collected money and food to be donated the animal shelter.  At this event, we showcased Southwest's new Friendship Bench which was purchased last year by our Student Counsel and PTA.  This bench is now in the cafeteria and, after the holiday break, will be placed in the area between the two playgrounds at Southwest.  If a student feels lonely or left out, she can sit on the bench where she will be joined by someone (another student, staff member or Kid for Kindness) who will be supportive and caring.  Thank you to those who came out to support Southwest Elementary School's Kindness initiative.
    The WSFCS annual Bully Prevention Walk was held on Saturday, 10/11.  At this walk, we joined together to encourage putting an end to Bullying. 
    Pictures of the kindness club in action:
    at the Clemmons Civic Center             waiting for more donations