• The Orchestra Program’s Responsibility to the Student





    Ø  Provide the members with the proper kind of rehearsal room, ventilation, lighting, seating, music stands, instrumental storage space, and other such equipment as is necessary to aid in developing the student’s musical ability and to help for good, lasting citizenship habits.
      Ø Plan each day’s activities and encourage daily progress of the entire orchestra


    Ø  Provide the orchestra with a full musical education through rehearsal, performance, teaching, testing, and listening


    Ø  Assure that no individual member, through inappropriate or irresponsible behavior, interferes with the learning or achievement of the group.  It is the responsibility of the department to see that all members conform to the school and department policies.
    Ø Supervise the students in class or on school sponsored orchestra trips.  Each student will receive information about the plans for the trip, the type dress, and the complete schedule of activities.
    Ø Grade the progress of each member on their instrument, academic work, and participation in the orchestra

    The Responsibilities of the Orchestra Member





    Ø  Be regular in attendance and make sure all absences are excused by the director prior to the absence.
    Ø Make a real effort to learn and improve daily.


    Ø  Become responsible for and expect to assume the consequences for your actions.


    Ø  Be personally clean, neat, and dress appropriately. All members will be expected to honor reasonable requests regarding nail length and grooming habits.


    Ø  Have the proper respect for those in authority.


    Ø  Follow all classroom guidelines, school regulations and all travel instructions given for trips.


    Ø  Be honest and fair with others concerning equipment, music, and school life in general.


    Ø  Cooperate with fellow orchestra members and share with them the responsibilities and privileges that are a part of the orchestra program.


    Ø  Contribute positively to your music education and that of others by the best use of your talents.


    Ø  Read and play music with insight and expression.


    Above all else: HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE!!