• Grades
    Students will receive letter grades on their report cards each quarter.
    A= 90-100% B= 80-89% C= 70-79% D= 60-69% F= 0-59%
    Grade averages will be based on the following... 
    Projects (200 pts) 
    Tests (200)
    Quizzes (100) 
    Presentations (100)
    Cooperation/Team Work (100) 
    Participation (100)
    Classwork (100)
    Homework (100)
    It is the responsibility of the student to hand work in on time.  Due dates will be clearly posted in the classroom.  If an assignment is not submitted by the posted due date, then a grade of -10% shall be accrued each day it is late.
    Students are responsible for all missed assignments when absent. An extension of 2 days will be granted for each day missed.  In some cases, students may be exempt.