• Expectations
    Our classroom will be a comfortable and safe learning environment which promotes diversity, cooperation, and critical thinking skills in order to establish a positive classroom community.  Students will reach their full potential by actively participating in class discussions, independent research, oral presentations, and group activities.



    1.      I will do my best work.

    2.      I will always be prepared.

    3.      I will help keep the classroom clean and organized.

    4.      I will listen carefully and follow all directions and procedures.

    5.      I will treat myself, classmates, and my teacher with respect and kindness.


    Failure to comply with the above principles may lead to one, some,

    or all of the following consequences:


    1.  A warning

    2.     In-class time out

    3.     Silent Lunch

    4.  Phone call to student’s parents

    5.     Multiple silent lunches 

    6.     Out-of-class time out

    7.     Parent or guardian/student/teacher conference

    8.     Office referral