• Clip for DTS (Box Tops, Labels for Education) 

    As you are enjoying time with family and friends over the winter break, please save ALL box tops and add them to the winter collection sheetOur goal for this year is to set a record for DTS by collecting $1,000 worth of box tops and we are well on our way to reaching this goal!!
    Also, please see this flyer about the new Box Tops Bonus App. You can earn even more money for DTS by turning in your everyday receipts through the app!! As always, we appreciate your support of DTS and the PTA!! 
    Keep Clipping to Earn Free Money for The Downtown School! Send these items with your child in an envelope or bag at any time.  There are collection bins in the Building 2 Lobby by the computers and in the Building 1 Cafeteria.
    Click images below for more information on each program
    Box Tops
    Please clip carefully so expiration date is intact.
    Visit the Box Tops for Education website for coupons, recipes, and fun collection projects that benefit our school.