• TJMS Counseling Center
    3500 Sally Kirk Road
    Winston Salem, NC 27106 
    phone: 336-703-4226 
    fax: 336-774-4635 
    School Counselors:
    Mrs. Vannoy
    Counseling Center Director
    6th grade Counselor
    Mrs. Hobbs (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
    7th grade Counselor
    Mrs. Smith
    8th grade Counselor
    Counseling Center Clerk:
    Mrs. Hart
    School Social Worker:
    Mrs. Rives
    (Monday and Tuesday)
    About the TJMS Counseling Center
    The Counseling Center (703-4226) at TJMS provides several services to our students and school family. Counselors are available to assist students with educational, career, personal and social concerns. Middle school can be a difficult and stressful time. Difficulties may directly impact a child"s ability to learn. School counselors provide a safe, confidential environment for all students. Counselors also work with the school staff in helping children through coordination, consultation, and collaboration.
    Counseling services:
    Parent/Student conferences involving academic/personal issues
    Student registration (middle school and high school)
    Academic Counseling
    Individual Counseling
    Group Counseling
    Classroom Guidance
    Career Planning
    Crisis Counseling
    Conflict Resoluation and Mediation
    Referrals to Community Based Agencies
    Open House Events
    Community Service Projects

    How can I see a counselor?

    Self Referral
    Appointment made by counselor
    Parent request
    Administrative or Teacher referral

    Reasons to See a Counselor

    School Challenges
    Study Skills
    Life Changes
    Stress or Anxiety
    Conflict Mediation
    Worries and Fears
    How You Feel About Yourself
    Questions and Concerns

    What is Confidentiality?

    What we talk about in a counseling appointment is private information. However, there are times when a counselor will need to discuss a session with someone else. A student will be informed if a counselor will be discussing his or her situation. Times when a counselor will alert the appropriate person are the following:
    If someone is hurting a child
    A child wanted to hurt himself or herself
    A child wanted to hurt someone else
    A court requested information
Last Modified on October 30, 2019