Alternative Learning Programs
    located in Regular Schools


    Therapeutic Services

    Approved Mental Health Providers 2017-18



    Intervention and Behavior Modification Programs
    Alternative Learning Centers (ALC)
    (High School & Middle School Divisions)  
    One at each regular high school (13) and middle school (16) 
    A 45 to 90 day behavior modification for students who repeatedly violate minor offenses in the "Guidelines for Student Discipline".
    Mr. Marcus L. Sutton, Program Specialist
    Community Involvement Program (CIP) 
    Atkins Annex, 2020 E. 12th Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27105
    Phone 336-703-4251
    The Community Involvement Program is a special Alternative Education Program designed for long-term suspensions (LTS) and/or expelled students.  Students are required to attend CIP for a minimum of 90 Days.  The Community Involvement Program offers Community Service, Behavior Modification, and Academic services to all student enrolled.  Students may return to a traditional school setting upon satisfactory completion of program requirements while enrolled at CIP.