• Mrs. Young's Students are "ART SMART":
    *Keep our art studio clean. Maintain materials, equipment, wipe down tables and chairs and sinks. Pick up trash as you see it.
    * Respect your neighbor, your teachers and yourself.
    (Who is our neighbor? EVERYONE).
    Respect your neighbor's ideas, space and artwork.
    *Show your manners (please, thank you, yes ma'am, no ma'am, good morning or good afternoon). 
    *Use your own imagination and be creative! Do YOUR best! Don't compare your work with others...YOU ARE AN ORIGINAL!
    *Absolutely no electronic devices, ear buds or headphones, food, gum or drinks are allowed! 
    *Students should at all times adhere to the rules and procedures in the NWMS Handbook.
    *Last, but not least.....HAVE FUN!!!