• Welcome to Mrs. Reszel's Applied Science Class!
    Fall Semester 2015
     We have been busy learning about the States of Matter. The students have done a great job learning the unit vocabulary words and terms. Currently, we are learning about Forces and Motions. 
    We will begin this semester learning about the use and safe handling of microscopes! 
    These past few weeks, we have learned bout the Circulatory System, its organs and their functions, as well as the Respiratory System. We have also learned how our Body Systems work together in many ways to keep us healthy and alive!
    We have moved on to the Nervous System, which includes the brain, the nerves and the senses.  We are learning about the 2 hemispheres of the brain and what each side controls, as well as the different lobes of the brain. 
    In Applied Science we have been very busy learning about the Human Body, particularly the Digestive and the Skeletal Systems. Everyone has done a great job learning the organs names and their functions. 
    Sept. 13, 2013
    In Applied Science, we have been learning about Energy, Fossil Fuels and Alternative Energy Sources. This coming week, we will focus on Alternative Fuels, such as Solar Power, Wind Power and Biofuels. Students are to research an alternative fuel source and report back to the class
    by Friday 9-20-13.
    This year the Freshman Class will be taking my Applied Science Class 2nd period in room 509.
    We will learn about Force and Motion, Energy and Conservation, Electricity and Magnetism, Properties of Matter, environmental Factors, and Body Systems.