• Grading Policy
    Points may be missed for things such as; missing capital letters at the beginning of sentences, missing end marks, incomplete sentences, and words copied incorrectly from books, boards and worksheets. Plagiarism (copying directly from a book or other source) will not be tolerated. Grades on assignments are determined by counting the total number of problems, counting the total number missed and using a tool called the “Easy Grader” to get the numerical average.

    Positive Behavior System:

    For the 2013-2014 year, we are using the classroom dojo! To learn more about classdojo.com, click the link below:

    Student’s Responsibilities: 

    1.       Put your name, date, assignment and student class number in the top right corner.

    2.       Unpack everything from your book bag each morning.

    3.       Complete and turn in all classroom and homework assignments on time!

    4.       Have two sharpened pencils before class begins in the morning.

    5.       Write all assignments in your planner each day and get it signed nightly.

    6.       Pack everything you need for homework in your book bag at the end of the day.

    7.       Keep your desk neat!

         8.   Keep backpacks in the closet or on your own chair.