• Planners:  Each day all classroom assignments will be listed on the board as they are assigned.  It will be your child’s responsibility to neatly copy the assignments, including page numbers in the planner and check them off as they are completed.  Your child should bring his or her planner home nightly for you to sign.  Please look over the planner and if your child does not have all assignments checked off, he/she should complete them that night and return the next day.

    Homework Folder:  Your child will have a folder with all homework worksheets sent home.  I will also send home any notes from me, corrections or special papers in this folder.  Please check this daily.  Homework assignments will vary.  It is my expectation that class work be completed at school. Incomplete work will be sent home to be completed and returned the next day.  If your child has not used their time wisely in class and as a result must complete graded work at home, their grade will be dropped ten points in fairness to the students that did the work in class.

    Homework:  Homework will be given that reinforces classroom lessons. Homework will help your child become more responsible and develop study skills, help him or her to review material taught, as well as help him or her to prepare for testing.  In addition, to reading 20-30 minutes nightly, homework will include spelling words to study, vocabulary words to study, math review, tests to study and sometimes incomplete class work or special projects.  Incomplete class work should not be a daily event.  If your child is consistently bringing class work home to complete, please contact me, so that we can work together to help your child complete assignments in a timely manner,  No homework will be given on Fridays.


    Please go over your child’s homework and help study for tests.  Your child is developing proper study habits after studying for the tests given last year. 


    If you have an emergency and your child is unable to complete that night’s homework, please send a note and your child will be allowed to make up the homework the next night.  Extra-curricular activities will not be accepted as an excuse for not completing homework.

    Please do not send notes asking that your child be excused from homework because he or she did not bring home the necessary materials or did not know what to do or did not write it down in their planner.  We are working on responsibility and packing the necessary materials, as well as filling out the planner neatly and correctly.  I will remind them what they will need, but packing book bags and folders is their responsibility. These are necessary skills which they will need in the future.


    Class work:  Your child will be given class time to work on his or her assignment.  This is so they may ask questions of me and that I can see that they understand the concept being taught.  Most likely, than not, the time provided will be enough to complete the majority, if not all, the assignment.  It is my belief that we not give homework, just to give homework.  This is their job.  They should be able to complete their work on time and in class.


    Spelling:  Each week your child will receive a new list of words that we will be focusing on in class.  There will be twenty words.  The words which do not follow the spelling rule for the week are words from their reading book.  These words are not optional and should be included in all assignments. Tests will include the word itself, plus some sentences to grade their sentence structure.


    Tests:  Students will know in advance when a test will be given.  They will be encouraged to take their books home to review the material.  Most reading comprehension test (weekly) will be open book format.  Therefore, your child’s grade should not be below an 85. 

    Make Up Work:  If you child is absent. His/her assignments will be ready to be picked up at the end of the day. A list of assignments will be left on the child’s desk unless a message is left on my voice-mail requesting that the assignments be left in the office for pick up.  If your child is absent one day, he/she will have one day to make up the work. If he/she is absent two days, he/she will have two days and so on.  Each student will receive a number based on their name alphabetically on my roster. When your child turns in the makeup work, it should be handed in with the list that was provided.  Also each paper should be properly labeled with name, date, subject, and assignment and students class number.  Please turn in all of the assignments at once to make sure that your child receives proper credit.  Please understand that it is very difficult for me to send make up work in advance since I must constantly adjust my lesson plans to meet the needs of the students.