• Recycling Progam


    • The following resources and services are provided for the recycling program.
      • 8 cubic yard dumpster: cardboard, paper, and plastic/aluminum beverage containers.  Collected once/week.
      • 22-gallon green/blue, paper recycling bins: one for every classroom and other areas where paper is generated in significant quantities. (your school should have them from past years deliveries).
      • 20- or 32- gallon beverage container recycling bins: for use inside the school building; quantity determined by the needs of each individual school.
      • Weekly collection service: for dumpster, to include cardboard, paper, plastic, and aluminum beverage containers

    Additional resources will be provided for new schools, new classrooms, renovations or other expansions. Fifty bins for the system per year will also be provided to replace damaged bins. Recycling bins that have been misplaced or used for other purposes by the schools and no longer available for recycling will not be replaced. Schools should contact Daryl Sgroi by email (dtsgroi@wsfcs.k12.nc.us), or Valerie Bolton (vjbolton@wsfcs.k12.nc.us), with questions about recycling.

    Each school should have a designated recycling coordinator appointed by the principal or assistant principal. This person should be the primary point of contact at the school and knowledgeable about the operation of the recycling program. Principals also should be knowledgeable about the recycling program. If your recycling dumpster is not emptied on the designated day, please contact Valerie Bolton @ (336) 748-4045. Please call the same day in order to insure prompt service.


    Cardboard/Paper Recycling

    Each school should have an 8-cubic-yard dumpster for cardboard and paper. All cardboard should be flattened before it is placed in the dumpster. All paper from the green classroom bins should be deposited in the dumpster.

    Each school should have a 22-gallon green/blue bin in every classroom for paper recycling. Additional bins should be placed in areas where a lot of waste paper generated computer labs, workrooms, etc.

    Schools are responsible for emptying the green bins into the dumpster as often as necessary.

    Once or twice per week, depending on the amount of paper and cardboard generated at each school, the dumpster will be emptied by WMI. 

    Beverage Container Recycling

    As of October 2013, all beverage containers, (plastic/aluminum) and #10 tin cans (child nutrition) can be placed directly in the dumpster along with paper and cardboard.  The 96 gallon (rolling) containers are no longer used and can be cleaned and re-purposed for other needs at each school.

    20- and/or 32-gallon beverage container recycling bins for use inside the schools will also be provided depending on need. Drum liners should be used for the 20- and 32-gallon beverage container recycling bins in order to minimize the amount of cleaning required. Each school is responsible for supplying drum liners.  Drum Liners should not be placed in the recycle dumpster. 

    • Hope this helps...
    • You can contact Valerie Bolton with any other questions/concerns      Thank you!