• Rules  
     Students begin the day with our SMART statement:
    I am proud to be a Moore School student.
    I promise to be SMART.
    I will be Safe.
    I will Make good choices.
    I will Accept responsibility.
    I will be Respectful to others and to myself.
    I will Try my best every day.
    I am proud to be SMART at Moore School.
    In our classroom, positive reinforcement is the most important! My rules and expectations follow closely with PBIS. When students work together as a class to do their best, we add a piece to Mrs. Potato Head. When she is completely put back together, we have a class treat. Students are given many chances to receive smart bucks and small treats throughout the day. If a student is behaving negatively, they will receive a tally/strike. Their consequences vary between silent lunch, walking laps, and filling out behavior reflection forms. If a student's behavior continues, I will begin filling out PBIS forms. 5 of these forms in one week result in a D-1. Please discuss the importance of doing your best each day with your child.