Reading Passages for the week of 5/23 
    •Monday: Meet and Orangutan, Saving the Great Apes
    •Tuesday: Foreign Lands, Teething Gun
    •Wednesday:  The Case of the Phony Painting, How Fossils Were Formed
    •Thursday: Water Facts, The Food Makes the Frog
     Please check your child's homework folder for their specific reading assignment!!**
    **Note on reading logs:  Read the assigned story every night.  This helps build fluency which in turn builds confidence.  Reading logs are designed to help students become faster and better readers.  In addition, they give students necessary practice finding answers and support in the text.**
     Reading logs are distributed on Mondays and are due the following Monday. Students are expected to read the story  each night during the week. They should also choose one night during the weekend to read as well. Students are to answer two of the five questions written at the top of the page. It should include a topic sentence and at least 2 supporting sentences. Please emphasize to them that they are able to look back in the story. This is such an important strategy to master!