• Wish List
    Please consider donating any of these items to our class

     BABY WIPES- generic refill size /  Paper towels- Clorox Wipes-Napkins for snack time
    Smarties Candy & Starburst Candy  & Hershey Kisses (given out for good behavior and being a great student)
    Magnetic tape
    Hand Soap for our sink area (can be refill size)
    Books on CD for listening center
     TREASURE BOX ITEMS ( any small toys you would like to donate)
    Target/Walmart/Staples gift cards to purchase classroom supplies through out the school year
    Paper Towels
    Colored Tissue Paper
    We would love to have 2 rugs for our book/reading center and for our Home living center.  Gently used would be fine.  6X4 or 6X6 is the approximate size we need. 
    12 Packs of Colored pencils