• Classroom Routines
    Behavior Sheets
    The behavior sheet serves two purposes.  First, it is a daily communication tool between teachers and parents concerning their child's behavior each day.  Second, it teaches responsibility to the students by requiring the student to get it signed and return it daily.  Each time a student has five signatures (must be signed and returned on time) they earn a trip to the treasure box.  They earn the reward for demonstrating the responsibility of getting it signed and returning it, NOT for their behavior. 
    Tuesday Packets
    Please take time to look through your child's Tuesday packet each week.  It will be full of important information from the office as well as the classroom.  It will also contain the finished work that your child has done in class.  This will give you a good idea of what we are doing in class and will give you the opportunity to work with your child on the things that may not have gotten right the first time.  The Tuesday packet envelope should be brought back to school on Wednesday.