Frequently Asked Questions
     What does a School Counselor do?
    School Counselors are educational professionals who assist students in the areas of personal/social, academic and career development.  School counselors provide large group classroom instruction in each of these areas.  In addition, school counselors work with students individually and in small groups.  School counselors help students through the ups and downs of life.  They help students learn how to express their feelings and become effective personal problem solvers.  School counselors support every student and staff member at the school so that students have what they need to succeed!
    How can my child work with the School Counselor?
    If your student needs to see the School Counselor he or she may leave a note in the basket on the Counseling Office door.  The note should include the student's name, teacher's name, and a brief description of the issue.  Students may also tell their teacher that they would like to see the School Counselor, and their teacher can set up an appointment.  Parents may make referrals to the School Counselor as well.  Referral forms are located outside the Counseling Office door.  Parents are invited to complete one if they feel their student is in need of assistance from the School Counselor.  Parents may also make referrals through phone calls or email (although sending personal information through email is discouraged).
    How are School Counselors different from Licensed Professional Counselors?
    Some School Counselors are also Licensed Professional Counselors.  However, Licensed Professional Counselors have additional credentials that allow them to operate a counseling practice outside of the school setting.  School Counselors are trained to provide short-term counseling for problems that are often interfering with a student's learning in the school setting.  Licensed Professional Counselors can offer longer treatment plans for a wide variety of issues that my be impacting students and families at school and at home.  If you believe your child needs assistance from a counselor, school counselors are often a good place to start.  They can work with your child, and if they feel more intensive therapy would be helpful, they can assist you in finding a Licensed Professional Counselor.
    How can my child be placed in the AG (Academically Gifted) Program?
    All 2nd grade students are evaluated for placement in the AG Program in October and December.  After 2nd grade, students may be referred for evaluation by a teacher if they are demonstrating a significant ability to work above grade level.  Evaluation for students after 2nd grade occurs on several Saturdays throughout the school year.  Parents wishing to have their child independently evaluated by a private psychologist must contact Mrs. Sergiacomi for a "Prior Notice of Independent Evaluation" form BEFORE taking your child for evaluation.  In order for WSFCS to accept results from an Independent Evaluation, a student must have previously scored in at least the 75th percentile on a school-level aptitude or achievement test (such as the EOG).  If you have further questions about the WSFCS AG programs please visit http://wsfcs.k12.nc.us//Domain/10.